Objective: This job aid will teach you how add bookmarks to a PDF document. Bookmarks are a type of link that, when clicked, take you to a specific page in the document. For long documents, this is a quick and easy way to create a means of navigating through the document.If you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat on your computer, go to the Help file for more informatioin.

Adding Bookmarks to a PDF Document

Step 1: Open a PDF document.

Use a document that consists of several pages so you can navigate from page to page.

Step 2: Open the Bookmarks Tab:

When you click the Bookmark Tab, the Bookmark Panel opens. You will now bookmark the first page of the document. By bookmarking the first page, you will then be able to return to the first page from anywhere in the document by clicking that bookmark.
external image Untitled-1%20copy.jpg===Step 3: Bookmark the first page:===
Make sure that the first page is showing in the right panel.You can create a bookmark by clicking the bookmark icon or by clicking Bookmark > New Bookmark. Remember - the page that you wish to bookmark must be showing in the right panel.
A bookmark titled “Untitled” will be created. You need to rename the bookmark to reflect the part of the document it is pointing to.By right clicking the bookmark title, you can delete it, rename it, or set a new destination. To set the bookmark to a new destination, you must first select the new destination and have it showing in the right panel.


(Another way of quickly navigating through you PDF document is to click on the Thumbnails tab just under the Bookmarks tab. Try it and see what it does.)

Step 4: Save the file:

When you have completed adding all of your bookmarks, save the file.