Objective: This job aid will teach you how add a narration to a PowerPoint presentation.

Adding Narration to Your PowerPoint Slides

Step 1: Load the presentation:

With this method, you add a narration directly to each slide. When you save the presentation, the narrations and slide timings are saved also.
You will need to have a microphone attached to your computer. Load the presentation to which you wish to add a narration.

Step 2: Navigate to the Record Narration window:

To start recording, click on Slide Show > Record Narration > then the following window appears:
external image Narration%20Window.jpg===Step 3: Record narration:===
You can set the microphone level and such if you wish. Otherwise, click OK to start recording your narration.
To narrate each slide, just speak into the microphone. To add a narration to the next slide, click the mouse and you will advance to the next slide. If you mess up, press escape and start over with the narration. You can restart with the first slide or the current slide you are on.

Step 4: Save presentation:

When you complete adding narration to all of your slides, press escape and a window will pop up asking “… Do you want to save the slide timings as well?” Click YES.