This week, we'll be visiting a few schools/collections of art and design in-world.
The first is Leeds College's Digital Media Campus.
Upon rezzing, the campus' sandbox with instructional boards is behind us. The main building is in front of us.

The main building is currently set up to showcase student work from 2009. Wander through, following the directions given to access content.

On the other side of the island, we can tour a student's large scale (half-sim sized) final project exhibit, Primworld--inspired by Discworld.􀀉

Our next stop, leads us to SOMA Art and Design School.
SOMA has inworld classes for those wanting to learn programs such as Photoshop or clothing design. At the front entrance, pick up the HUD, rez and open the box and put the hud on. Then follow the arrows through what the school offers. Through the HUD, the school offers self-paced and teacher lead interactive design courses.

One level down, we find a small enclosed mall of SOMA student/grad shops.

There are also often students and docents on hand to answer questions.

Our final stop, time allowing, is hosted by the University of Western Australia--the UWA 3D Art and Design Challenge
Take your time to wander around the open rooms, gazing at this ever changing exhibit. Many of the wedges with the artists’ names give out info cards on the artists and their work. You can also vote on your favorites at the voting station near the entrance.