This week, we're touring ISTE, an extremely valuable site for educators interested in using Second Life as an educational or resource tool.

We'll start out at their Welcome Center and Resource area.
Here, you'll find many free tools that will be useful in future class development as well as ISTE's announcement and calendar of events boards. There's also an area to sign up to volunteer as an ISTE docent.

From here, we'll go to the broadcast studio. This is an example of a setup that would be useful for doing in world lectures that will be broadcast through mediums such as vodcasting or YouTube.

ISTE's Educator's Experience tour is useful for those who are new to SL, wanting to learn more about how they can use it for educational purposes

The Podcasters'/Bloggers Huts provide links to a myriad of other professionals' blogs and podcasts so that educators can see what their peers are doing in SL and beyond.

Finally (if there is time), check out the Alamo Campus, for another example of classroom setup in SL

Remember that ISTE is a professional organization set up to support and encourage technology in education. This means that, if you spot an area you might be interested in using in a future class in world, you can actually request its usage for free.