Articles on Blogging

"Predators & cyberbullies: Reality check" on BlogSafety Online Community (they have plenty of other good articles as well)

Blogging Host Sites


The "big boy" of blogging sites--largest and perhaps, most easy to use for first-timers.


There are many freely available tools that facilitate blogging, but none seem especially suited for the classroom. That is the reason for BlogMeister. This online blogging tool is explicitly designed with teachers and students in mind, where the teacher can evaluate, comment on, and finally publish students' blog articles in a controlled environment.

Free blogs for teachers! Create your own ad free fully featured WordPress blog at award winning Including free Yacapaca assessment tool from the Chalkface Project. In addition to a free blog, all users also get an ad free wikispace!

Distance and Online Learning

EduBlog Insights

Blog of Anne Davis, Georgia State University's Instructional Technology Center. Davis says that the blog is to be used for a place of exploration, discussion and reflection.


Helge Scherlund's e-Learning news blog

Check out the weblog every day and keep up-to-date on the latest news and information about flexible, netbased learning and teaching, e-learning, blended learning, online learning, distance learning, m-learning and adult learning. Links to the best web pages on the internet, articles etc. and conferences and seminars about e-learning. Mediation of knowledge and experiences within research and development of the modern digital, interactive media. Have a good time reading!

Online Learning Lab's Blog

The Online Learning Lab at the University of South Alabama is tasked with assisting faculty with their online classes and encouraging and supporting them in incorporating technology into their classrooms.

Thoughts About Live Online Learning

InSync's team had lots of extraneous thoughts (we call them moments of brilliance, but we know we are biased!) about synchronous learning and needed an outlet for them. Want to help? Send an email to if you want to contribute.

Instructional Design

Instructional Design Open Studio

The purpose of Instructional Design Open Studio (IDOS) is to bring together a community of digital instructional design practitioners to share expertise. The focus is on university-level instructional design with blog threads on instructional design skills, research, laws and policies, community-building and Kansas State University (KSU) campus issues. IDOS is sponsored by the Office of Mediated Education (OME) at KSU. IDOS aims to evolve ideas and practices in instructional design in a less formal environment than a journal; it aims to raise the quality of instructional design work through virtual and face-to-face connections and interactions.


Educational Technology

News, Techniques and Theories of Effective Use of Technology in Education

Educational Technology at the University of Florida Blog

Educational Technology and Life

Context-embedded, Inquiry-driven, and Socially-negotiated Learning

Stephen's Lighthouse

by SirsiDynix's Vice President of Innovation, Stephen Abram

Teaching and Learning with Technology

"This is a blog in which I explore trends, issues, ideas, and opportunities in educational technology and share insights from my students."--Mark Hofer

WiZiQ Redefining Online Education
WiZiQ's free Virtual Classroom is an online internet mediated classroom where the teacher and the students are connected to share a common workspace. In this online session, they make use of audio-video conferencing, text chat, whiteboard, and content sharing capabilities. There are no costs for using the virtual classroom. The sessions are recorded and are available online on WiZiQ, which can be accessed for later review or reference.


Pursuing Performance

"Learning is not the goal. Performance Competence is. Generic Competencies are only foundational. If they can transfer to another performance context. Research suggests that they will not. Specific Process Performance Competence is the measure. And T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Systems are but one of many means to be in sync, for the "end-game-goal" of Enterprise Process Performance Competence."

Training Day

A multi-poster blog dedicated to training and risk management in business as well as organizational psychology.

Workforce Development

All about understanding what's happening in the skilled workforce and what we can and cannot do about it. Frank discussion of the issues, who's addressing them and how, and what challenges lie ahead.