Set up a community on your own.

9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

The news may overflow with stories about the social networking giants, such as Facebookexternal image t.gif and MySpaceexternal image t.gif, but a horde of companies are doing their best to reduce the fundamental features of these websites to mere commodities. These up-and-coming companies provide so-called “white label” social networking platforms that enable their customers to build their own social networks (often from scratch) and to tailor those networks to a range of purposes. more...

Educational Communities

Below is a listing of online educational "communities" (i.e. of and for teachers), designed for support, the exchange of ideas and networking.

Apple Learning Exchange

"The Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) is a social network for educators. Find a wealth of content ranging from simple lesson ideas to in-depth curriculum units for K-12 educators as well as a new channel for Higher Education faculty showcasing campus projects, research and more."


Curriki is more than your average Website; we're a community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world.
Curriki is an online environment created to support the development and free distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them. Our name is a play on the combination of 'curriculum' and 'wiki' which is the technology we're using to make education universally accessible.
Curriki is the result of work done for GELC - the Global Education and Learning Community - an online project started by Sun Microsystems to develop works for education in a collaborative effort. The leadership team consists of people with a long-time commitment to exploring the use of technology to improve education.

Tapped In

"The online workplace of an international community of education professionals.
K-12 teachers, librarians, administrators, and professional development staff, as well as university faculty, students, and researchers gather here to learn, collaborate, share, and support one another."

Teacher Leaders Network

"The Teacher Leaders Network is not just a listserv, not just a website, not just a professional growth opportunity. TLN is an active community of talented teacher leaders from across the nation, dedicated to student success and the transformation of teaching into a true profession."