Instructional and Tutorial PodCasts

2-Minute Photoshop Tricks

A weekly(ish) **podcast** for beginner to intermediate Photoshop users. Our tips and tricks aim to give you a basic understanding of Photoshop by walking you through quick examples of real world Photoshop tasks. The tricks are designed to very detailed, straightforward, and as useful as possible. Also, each trick is packed with smaller tips and tricks that you can use in all kinds of situations in Photoshop.

Ed-Tech Posse

Talking about education, teaching, learning and technology, this combo blog/podcast features topics such as podcasting, Moodle, wikis and more...

EdTech Talk

Edtechtalk is a webcasting network of educators dedicated to helping those involved in educational technology explore, discuss, and collaborate in its use. They are part of Worldbridges, a growing network of webcasting members creating an online learning environment. Hosting four regular shows (EdTechTalk, Teachers Teaching Teachers, 21st Century Learning, and Ed Tech Brainstorm), this site offers something for almost anyone interested in instructional technology and education.

Educational Podcast Network

An outstanding index of educational and instructional podcasts for a variety of age ranges and subjects, as well as those on educational theory and pedagogy.

E-Learning Lingo Podcast

Common sense explanations of the terminology used in e-Learning, Performance Management, and Human Capital Management.

KidCast: Learning and Teaching with Podcasting

KidCast started off during the spring of 2005 as a professional development experiment that was focused on getting teachers and students started with podcasting. This experiement quickly evolved into a writing project that soon produced KidCast: Podcasting in the Classroom (available from FTC Publishing). As the book became available we began to produce a companion podcast to support the teachers who were working through the issues and ideas articulated in the book.

Learning in Hand

Resources for handheld computing in education by Tony Vincent. Includes methods to find educational and instructional podcasts as well as how to subscribe, listen to and create podcasts.

Learning Times GreenRoom

The LT Green Room is a podcast for Renewal, Retooling and Conversations about Learning. It is co-hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer and its show topics are often drawn from members of, a free online community of education and training professionals from across the globe.

Learn Out Loud

" is your one-stop destination for audio and video learning. Browse over 10,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos."

Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools and Colleges

You can now access educational content from over 3500 podcasts from different podcast|channels. We are accredited by BECTA as a registered content provider for Curriculum Online. All the educational podcasts in our podcast directory are sourced world-wide and include the best examples of educational podcasting using audio, enhanced and video formats.

Podcast for Teachers

Provides lively conversations about technology and education with leaders in the field. Ed tech expert, Mark Gura and RETC Director, Dr. Kathy King, bring the latest resources, updates, interviews and commentary on technology innovations’ meaning for our teachers, students and communities. From software applications, to intimate conversations with notable and experienced educators, ed techies, and authors, this is not your typical podcast!

ScreenCasts Online

Video Tutorials for the Mac, PC and iPod

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Skyping, Webcasting, and Podcasting By and For Teachers. Provides a blog, podcast and weekly live webcast featuring workshops on various forms of tech that are useful in the classroom.

Tech Teachers

Teachers talking tech... and a little bit of education.

TILT - Teachers Improving Learning with Technology

The vidcast that is created by teachers for teachers. Do you have a great idea, learning resource, skill, advice, or experience you feel could help other teachers using technology to enhance their students' learning experiences? Send your text, photo, audio recording, video recording, link, or any other medium you'd like and it will become a part of a future TILT broadcast!

General Education Podcasts


"At iLearn Radio our focus is on lifelong learning and making educational content available to as many people as possible in an easy-to-use format. As a sister station to the popular CoolCast Radio Internet Radio station of podcast content, (listen here), iLearn Radio will serve every learner from toddler to octogenarian, because no-one is beyond learning something new. Everyone will find something educational here in BOTH written and audio format as we continue to develop our exciting and innovative set of services."


"iTunes U has arrived, giving higher education institutions an ingenious way to get audio and video content out to their students. Presentations, performances, lectures, demonstrations, debates, tours, archival footage — school is about to become even more inspiring."

University Channel

A collection of public affairs lectures, panels and events from academic institutions all over the world -- for you to view, listen to, stream or download.



Much like the famed YouTube, but featuring educational video shorts that can be embedded into web pages. Also has communities/groups for educators to further network.