Job Aids are short on-line tutorials focused on specific tasks often encountered in preparing and managing on-line courses. Most Job Aids contain numerous graphics illustrating each step in accomplishing tasks using current software supported by USA. Some also include animations and voice instruction.

If you have suggestions for future jobs or feedback on existing ones, please send us an email to __oll1@usouthal.edu__.

Computer, e-mail, and time savers

This section includes job aids on e-mail, keyboard shortcuts, Skype, and more.


This section will answer your questions regarding eCollege, Gradebook, and more.

Image Editing and Website Development
This section includes job aids that will help you to use Snag-It, Camtasia, Premier and other software programs to enhance your projects.


This section includes job aids on Audacity, MovieMaker, and more.


This section includes job aids on pedagogical and technological goals. It also includes job aids on topics such as motivation, surveymonkey, accessibility, and more.

Various Software

This section includes job aids on Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF documents, Infocaster, and more.