According to Wikipedia, a WebQuest is:
In education, WebQuest is a research activity in which students collect information, where most of the information comes from the World Wide Web. It was first invented by Bernie Dodge in 1995.
According to the original paper by Dodge [1], a WebQuest is "an inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet, optionally supplemented with videoconferencing."
Usually, the quest is divided in the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • Task
  • Process
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • Teacher Page
Students typically complete WebQuests in groups. Each student in each group then has a "role," or specific area to research. WebQuests often take the form of role-playing scenarios, where students take on the personas of professional researchers or historical figures.
The WebQuest is valued as a highly constructivist teaching method, meaning that students are "turned loose" to find, synthesize, and analyze information in a hands-on fashion, actively constructing their own understanding of the material. WebQuests' focus on group work also makes them popular examples of cooperative learning.

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News and views about the WebQuest model, a constructivist lesson format used widely around the world.

The WebQuest Page

This site is hosted by the Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University. Updated continuously by Bernie Dodge.

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InstantWebquest is a web based software for creating WebQuests in a short time. When you use InstantWebQuest, you will not need any of writing HTML code or using any web editor software. InstantWebQuest creates all the necessary files and puts them into the server free. Hosting is FREE!

WebQuest 101

This tutorial introduces you to Webquests – an internet activity which lets you create something useful for your students while increasing your web "comfort level" at the same time. A well-designed webquest lets you turn your students loose on the web for a specific project and get results that both you and your students will like.

WebQuest Generator

A Web Quest is a method used to engage students in inquiry based learning. A web quest is meant to guide students through a process of inquiry through a set of assigned tasks that lead them to a conclusion, or that results in a product.
Fill in the sections below with required information for each step. Be specific and clear. You may want to use a bulleted format in some sections or use a format will be easy for students to read and comprehend what is expected. Be sure to save your work in a file you create.

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