Weekly OLL Workshops (WOW) Fall 2010

Workshops are held Wednesdays 3 p.m. to 5p.m. and Fridays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the University of South Alabama, College of Education, Room 3302.
To register, please contact Ms. Gail McLean:
Phone 251-380-2861
Fax 251-380-2713
e-mail gmclean@usouthal.edu

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Why should I be interested?
Sept. 1, 3
Have you ever wanted to contact all of your students with one simple message? Have you ever wanted to create more dynamic ways for your students to learn?
Using the eCollege Learning Management System (LMS) for Online Course Development
Course Management System Basic "How to" for faculty members using eCompanion for web-enhanced and eCollege for fully online courses.
Sept. 8, 10
Have you ever wanted to give a quiz that grades itself? Or have all your students’ averages and percentages counted for you?
How do you know when students have arrived either at objectives or at goals?
eCollege Gradebook / Quizzes and Test Banks
Learn to set up and manipulate your eCollege gradebook. Learn to develop and design assessment tools that provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills, and knowledge stated in the objectives.
Sept 15, 17
Do you use assessment tools only to assess the students’ performance? Do you wonder how to use them in the instructional process itself to improve the students’ learning?
Implementing Alternative Assessment in e-Learning Environment
Learn how to create alternative assessment tools and how to use them to enhance your students’ learning.
Sept. 22, 24
Do you ever feel that text-based threaded discussions are just not enough? Do you want your students to engage in more face-to-face discussions even in an online environment?
Audio and Video Chat as Alternatives to Threaded Discussions
Learn to use multi-party video and audio chat tools to supplement your text-based threaded discussions.
Sept. 29, Oct. 1
Do you want to create a more dynamic learning environment and provide your students with the experience of something much closer to a live presentation than a PowerPoint?
Creating Screencasts, Training and Demonstrational Videos
Learn how to create interactive training using Camtasia Studio and to record and publish your lectures with Camtasia Relay.
Oct. 6, 8
Are you interested in an integrated workflow that makes creating, recording, and publishing podcasts easy?
Recording and Publishing Your Live Lectures
Learn how to synchronize your presentations with audio in Profcast and publish them into iTunes U.
Oct. 13, 15
Do you think 3D virtual worlds are only for teenage gamers? Are you interested in engaging your students in creating their own learning activities and experiences? Would you like to take your students to a virtual exhibit or a presentation?
Using a Virtual Learning Environment: Second Life
Learn how to create a 3D virtual learning environment and engage your students in role-plays, simulations and visualizations to enhance their learning.
Oct. 20, 22
Have you heard your students talking about Facebook or Twitter and other social networking tools, but don’t know exactly what they are?
Integrating Social Networking Tools into Your Course
Learn what social networking tools are, how to use them in your classroom to share content, connect with your students, collaborate with other courses, or even other schools.
Oct. 27, 29
Do you think that a regular whiteboard is just missing something? Have you ever wondered if the simplicity of a whiteboard can be combined with the power of a computer?
Effective Use of the Interactive Whiteboard in a Classroom
Learn to operate an interactive whiteboard, to adjust your presentations to be used with the interactive whiteboard to add more flexibility and student engagement to your classroom.
Nov. 3, 5
Have you ever thought about recording your lectures to share with your students online?
Would you like to make your discussions available as podcasts for online delivery?
Audio Production and Podcasting for PC
Learn recording and editing sound. Learn how to transform your audio recording into a podcast and how to publish it.
Nov. 10, 12
Have you ever thought about incorporating video recording into your research projects or your classroom, whether on campus, or online?
Producing Simple Instructional Videos and Video Podcasts for PC
Digitizing and editing video appropriate for online learning and classroom enhancement.
Nov. 17, 19
Have you ever wanted to create your own website? Have you ever wanted to get the most out of the Internet?
Developing Educational Websites Using Dreamweaver
Design and development of websites using Dreamweaver.
Dec. 1, 3
Are you a Mac user interested in creating audio and video lectures using the software already available on your Mac?
Recording and Distributing Lectures as Podcasts for Mac
Learn to create and edit lecture podcasts using Garage Band and iMovie.