This is a series in which we recognize faculty members who are using innovative skills in online learning. These faculty members go above their call of duty to find innovative ways of implementing technologies to support learning and performance in online context. By acknowledging what these professors are doing in these online contexts we hope to foster and support interdisciplinary research in the effectiveness and implementation of learning technologies in education, computer science, nursing, psychology, business, and all other disciplines at the University of South Alabama.

Dr. Agnes Smith
Ms. Debra Chapman
Dr. Coker
Dr. Annamarie Guzy
Dr. Dan Surry
Dr. David A. Larson, Sr.
Dr. Dennis Fell
Dr. Elizabeth VandeWaa
Dr. Julie Sanford
Dr. Leah Kinniburgh
Dr. Mohan K. Menon
Dr. Susan Anderson
Ms. Cynthia Leigh Delaney